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Support Coordination | Caring for your needs support services

About us

Caring for Your Needs Support Services provides support coordination and support Brokerage to individuals eligible to participate in the State of New Jersey's Division of Developmental Disabilities program.
Our mission is to empower our clients as they participate in different support coordination and support brokerage services within their community by providing all necessary information, education, and support to remain independent.
Our goal is to promote great opportunities for our client's needs. With access to the right resources, we help you become empowered by your abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill your potential.
With our organization's mission always in mind, we strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with our clients. We take our client's needs seriously. Our team is working every day to make a positive impact. Contact us to learn more.

Support Coordination | Caring for your needs support services | New Jersey: Welcome


Support Coordination

Caring for Your Needs Support Service is an agency with the mission of providing support services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Our goal is to make a positive impact as we help our clients achieve their goals and desires in life as they engage in community activities.

Support Coordinators

Our support coordinators are college-educated graduates, energetic, innovative, and resourceful. They have experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities. They also undergo continuous education and training as part of our staff development and empowerment program. Our Support coordinators take their time to know each client and their families to understand their support needs. As a qualified support coordination agency by the State of New Jersey  Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), we provide services that help our clients gain access to medical, social, educational, employment, and other services needed.

Our duties, in partnership with our clients and their families and service providers, include:

  1. Identifying our client's needs and preference,

  2. Developing their New Jersey Individual Service Plan (ISP)  and  Person Center Planning Tool (PCPT),

  3. Finding service options for our clients based on funds available in their budget.

  4. Monthly monitoring of support and services and

  5. Responding to other services related to our clients and their families.

We help our clients participate in different services within their community, by providing them with the necessary education, information, and support needed to help them be/remain independent.

How We do It

Our Support coordinators meet with you and assess your needs using the New Jersey Comprehensive Tool (NJCAT). We inform and provide you with different services within your community that meet your needs, and you decide which service you want in your plan. Once your plan is approved, we manage your services monthly via phone calls and face-to-face visits, making sure you are delighted.

We are here to help you explore and achieve your dreams.

Support Coordination | Caring for your needs support services | New Jersey: Welcome

Support Brokerage


Support Brokerage

Our support broker provides information, guidance, and technical assistance to the individual to access, organize, and utilize the opportunities, resources, and services necessary to live a self-determined life. Our Broker provides assistance as needed with employer-related functions, planning, accessing community resources service, and support continuity and maintenance. Our support broker’s responsibilities vary depending on each participant's choice and preferences, who are acting as an employer of record or managing employer. Also, the amount of support provided may range from teaching skills to performing a task for the individual. The individual with their surrogate select who they will work with as a Support Broker and will determine Support Broker duties and scope of work. 
Our duties, in partnership with our clients and their families and service providers, include:
• Assist the individual in developing effective recruiting, interviewing, hiring, scheduling, supervising, and payroll practices.
•Participate in Financial Management Service’s (FMS) orientation and other necessary training and interactions.
•Help to determine worker pay rates based on funding and budget availability.
•Help to arrange and provide training for the workers.
•Facilitate detailed training and education on human resource standards, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.
•Provide information on workplace safety and help develop and implement strategies for effective management of workplace injury prevention.
•Assist with the management of workers and in completing performance reviews regularly.
•Assist the person in realizing her/his full civil rights as a participating member of her/his community.
•Promote the health, rights, and safety of the individual.
•Maintain confidentiality regarding all communication and information related to the participant, employees, and other people involved with the individual’s services.
•Immediately report alleged observed or suspected abuse or neglect.
•Assist the individual in identifying and sustaining an effective personal support network of family, friends, and paid supporters, which may include facilitating regular “Circle of Support” meetings
•Use effective communication skills to benefit the person, specifically as it relates to interaction with the informal, unpaid resources and networks in the community and the Financial Management Service, Administrative Entity, Supports Coordination Organization, and the Office of New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities Programs.
 •Maintain monthly contact with the individual and maintain a Contact Log, documenting all activities, conversations, or assistance provided.
•Maintain regular contact with the Support Coordinator, as per the individual’s preferences.
• coordinate formal and informal supports, using person-centered planning techniques and approaches,
•Assist the individual with planning before and during the Individual Support Plan process and other meetings to ensure access to community resources and formal paid services.
 •Assisting the individual in identifying and communicating proposed modifications to the Individual Support Plan.
•Provide education and guidance with person-centered thinking, planning, and action; risks and responsibilities of directing one’s services; rights; community resources and developing and sustaining a natural support system.
•Assist with managing, monitoring, and reviewing services utilized and funding, including budgeting and reviewing and evaluating monthly expenditure reports.
• Assist with completing and submitting all required documentation and complying with the standards, regulations, policies, and waiver requirements related to Individual Direction.

Support Coordination | Caring for your needs support services | New Jersey: About
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